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Web Development Company in Dallas Helps A&E's Campbell Family Breed Bigger Fan Base

By: Derek Veillon   Google+ Icon   - January 04, 2014

DALLAS, TX--iKonix Studios recently developed an e-commerce website for A & E’s reality show American Hoggers, where fans can view pictures, purchase merchandise and learn more about the Campbell family’s exploits in their fight to control the Texas wild boar population.  


The site launched in early January and includes photos and bios of family patriarch Jerry, his wife Kathie, daughter Pistol Krystal and son Robert. It offers merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and drink koozies and a page where enthusiastic fans can book a specialized hunting expedition.


“Working with A&E and the Campbell family to develop the site has been an honor and a privilege we’ve not taken lightly,” says Derek Veillon, iKonix Studios CEO. “I am very proud of my team and what they have accomplished on behalf of the show and its fans. I look forward to watching the Hoggers’ fan base continue to grow in coming months.”


iKonix Studios' web design team in Dallas specializes in designing custom websites, avoiding templates in favor of leveraging the expertise and craftsmanship its team has earned over more than 15 years in the business. iKonix Studios focuses on optimal end-user experiences that drive conversion, turning visitors into paying customers. Other services offered include content writing, social media marketing and SEO in Dallas and all over the country. iKonix Studios' web development company based in Dallas, serves clients nationwide through its satellite offices in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.


American Hoggers appears on A&E and features four members of a longstanding Texas family with a passion for hunting. The show focuses on the family’s commitment to controlling the wild hog population that threatens the farms and families of the Texas panhandle. Their hunting exploits, fierce competition and inner-family squabbles keep fans tuning in to see what Boss Hog and his brood will do next.




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