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Email marketing

A Successful Email Marketing Campaign Starts with Us

Many people say that email isn’t as relevant as social media marketing. We think they are missing a great opportunity. Email is every bit as relevant as social media. Dismissing email marketing in favor of social media is like tossing a net in the middle of the ocean instead of a barrel of fish. The hope for a good catch is bigger than the actual catch.

Why is email dismissed? Misinterpreted data. While studies show that people are using email for personal communication 21% less than they used to, people’s desire to receive permission-based marketing through email has actually increased 5%. So while your customers may post on Facebook or text friends and family about their child’s upcoming band concert, they still rely on emails from brands they trust for valuable information and purchase offers.

email marketing

Effective Email Marketing The iKonix Way

We believe email marketing is the heart of a properly integrated content strategy. We can help you drive sales or donations by producing content that grows your audience and increases brand awareness, with subject lines that beg to be clicked.

Our seasoned online marketing team has the skills and expertise to engage your customers and enrich your relationship with each one through direct marketing, advertisements and newsletters. Our team of experts carefully research online behavior to determine your customers’ needs and preferences and craft the right message and design to drive them to action. Allow us to deliver and distribute exquisitely planned and executed emails that are optimized across all browsers and devices.

Using proven analytics, we monitor and evaluate results and report what is working and what is not before tweaking the strategy to increase engagement and conversions. Our eagle-eyed team will also alert you to new trends and business opportunities you can use to leverage and enhance your campaign.

Opting-in to our email marketing services places you head and shoulders above your competition. While social media has its place in effective online marketing, without a powerful email list you are simply casting a wide net in a broad ocean hoping for a good yield. Allow our seasoned team to help you reel in high-caliber customers with email strategies that integrate seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy.

If you need additional help obtaining optimal online results, our SEO company in Dallas is expert in web design and web development, with satellite studios in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

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