About iKonix Studios

Based in Frisco, Texas, iKonix Studios has over 20 years of experience providing high quality custom websites to customers all over Texas and throughout the country.  We understand that every client’s website is unique and we partner with our clients to give them the services and features that their site requires.

Our philosophy at iKonix studios is that websites must serve two primary functions.  First, the site must attract visitors.  Sites that do not look good and do not have precise function are turn-offs for potential customers and will drive those visitors away.  When designing the site, we always keep the end user experience in mind, and provide a site that has an intuitive flow so that customers can always find the products and information that they are looking for.  Second, we believe that sites must be able to transition potential customers into paying customers.  The integration of e-commerce solutions makes the process of buying products or services much easier for the customer, and increases the number of visitors that can be converted into paying customers.

iKonix Studios Office Front

The sites at iKonix Studios are built using the latest technologies available.  We use both ASP.NET and PHP to meet our clients’ changing demands, and our custom sites are designed to allow user updates without having to make changes to the original site code.  Once the site is completed, we do not vanish and leave our clients without support.  We know that business and technology are constantly changing, and we want to form long-term relationships with our clients as their businesses grow.

Site design is but one part of creating a company’s web presence, and at iKonix Studios we strive to be the one stop shop for all of our clients’ internet needs.  Many companies do not have a logo or a recognizable brand when they come to us for website services.  Our designers will work with the client to create a brand and a logo that exemplify what the company does and will help sell their products or services to consumers.  We also offer search engine optimization services to improve the visibility of client sites.  For sites that need content updates or upgrades, our partner content writing service can provide excellent site pages to help sell client products to potential customers.  Finally, we can help companies expand their web presence with social media marketing, so that companies can engage with their customers via Facebook or Twitter, without the hassle of someone in the company doing the updates themselves.

So, if you are interested in how iKonix Studios can help your business, please contact us and ask for a free quote on our services.  We will be glad to discuss your options and give you an honest assessment of what we can offer your business.

We have over 15 years experience in custom web development and graphic design and welcome the opportunity to help our clients create a memorable web experience for their clients and customers. Talk with us about your project.