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Web video production

How to Benefit from This Marketing Technique

Syndacast reports more than half of all marketers believe video production offers the best return on investment when it comes to a company’s marketing dollars. Furthermore, almost half of all consumers now search for a video online to learn more about a product or service before visiting a retailer’s physical location. Every company needs to ensure they offer this material for potential customers, so they don’t miss out on any business. The following are some of the countless benefits of using this marketing technique.

Video Production

Search Engine Ranking

Google looks at content quality when evaluating a site for the search engine results page. When a business makes use of video, visitors spend more time engaging with the site, and this sends a signal to Google that the site offers quality content. Furthermore, research shows a page with video embedded on it is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of the search engine results. Be sure to include creative titles, tags and descriptions for the best results, and highlight the video content. Don’t overlook the inclusion of backlinks. This helps to ensure viewers know exactly how to reach the site.

Reach More People

Approximately one-third of all users’ online time is spent watching videos. Make the most of this and reach a broader audience by incorporating video production into your marketing plan. Information can be delivered quickly and in a personalized manner to engage viewers. Furthermore, when the video is unique and creative, it is more likely to be shared across social media sites.


What many business owners fail to realize is the use of video shows the organization cares about its customers and what they want. More than 90 percent of consumers now watch video on their mobile devices and want companies to recognize this. When a business incorporates more video into their site, it shows they are paying attention to what their audience wants and is responding accordingly.

Video production

Develop a Relationship

One drawback to the internet is it tends to dehumanize companies. Consumers like to know who they are purchasing from, and video is a great way to provide this information. When the consumer can see and hear the face of the company, they feel more confident spending their money with the organization. The business can provide background information about how and why the venture was started, share product or service information, and more in this manner. It’s a great way to connect with viewers and build a relationship between the two parties while allowing the business to stand out from competitors.

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