How do I choose between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal?

By : Derek Veillon - March 12 , 2015

Modern content management systems have made web development largely developer-friendly. You can build powerful feature-oriented websites without getting into the nitty-gritties of coding and programming. Over the past few years, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have risen to be the most popular content management systems. They offer varying degrees of flexibility, capabilities, features and ease of use. To begin with, it must be said that all the three platforms are incredible. They are not only efficient, but also quick and easy. However, the ease and user-friendliness of these platforms pose a small problem – most developers are confused about choosing the most appropriate one for their requirements. However, making the right choice is critical for getting the best results. It is important to focus on the strengths of each platform while making the right choice. So, before starting to design, it is important to...

Magento Go Closing Doors in February 2015 – Migrate to Magento Community Edition Today

By : Derek Veillon - September 14 , 2014

If your ecommerce portal is built on Magento Go, it is time to take some action because the platform will be shut down from February 1st 2015. Magento released a note recently announcing the shut down. The good thing is that the solution for this predicament is simple and highly effective. All you need to do is migrate to the Magento Community Edition. It is possible to seamlessly migrate to the new platform and keep your website running smoothly. What’s more, the Community Edition has a few better features than Magento Go. So, you are going to be happy with the migration. What is the difference between Magento Go and Community Edition? Magento is basically an open-source software, and this applies to both these editions. However, there are several differences between the two. One of the strongest points in favor of the Community Edition is its scalability and flexibility. You can integrate...

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How to Rank Your Site Higher in Search Engines Naturally

By : Derek Veillon - July 1 , 2014

Ranking higher on search engines increases the visibility and credibility of your website. In order to rank higher, you need to implement a strong SEO campaign. Search engine optimization is all about getting your website to rank higher on the search engine ranking pages (SERPs). However, the task is very challenging today because search engine ranking algorithms have become much more complex and intelligent than they were about five years ago. Moreover, minute changes are made every few months. So, if you don’t keep yourself updated about the latest ranking requisites and don’t make the required alterations in your SEO campaign, your website could end up plummeting in the ranking overnight.

Design a combination of offline and online SEO strategy

In order to move your website to the top of the search engine ranking pages (SERPs), you need to design a well coordinated online and offline

Recent Advances in Search Engine Optimization

By : Derek Veillon - February 22 , 2014

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has come a long way since the 90’s when the search engine algorithms relied heavily on things like keyword density and meta tags.  This left the ranking pages open to inaccurate or irrelevant search results, since those early algorithms relied on the information provided by the webmasters who could easily abuse and manipulate it to increase their page ranking. Since those early days, the algorithms have grown more and more complex as the search engines strive to keep their results as relevant as possible.  Now, rankings are based more on site popularity, quality backlinks, and overall value provided to those searching for information.  Black hat SEO tactics (illegal or frowned-upon tactics) result in removal and banning from search engine results pages, while white hat tactics (ethical tactics) are rewarded. What’s New With SEO? Much progress has been made, and the constant improvement of search engine performance continues...

Web Design Stats State: Get Responsive Web Design or Be Forgotten

By : Derek Veillon - January 8 , 2014

What’s the Buzz? So it is no surprise that web marketers are abuzz about mobile use studies. A recent white paper makes a strong case for responsive web design. The paper states that:

  • 98% of consumers move between a variety of devices throughout the day
  • 82% of smartphone users browse the web on their phones
  • 45% of tablet users purchase products over the web
Further data shows that the number of people using their tablets to make purchases has doubled. Mobile devices are overtaking laptop and desktop use, slowly but surely. It would be wise to consider how your business will adapt to your customers’ evolving online behavior.   But What Is Responsive Design? So what exactly is responsive design? It is a website design that renders well on all devices—traditional as well as mobile—no pinching, zooming or scrolling required. Is it costly? Yes and no. If you want to...

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How Corporate Branding Can Increase Your Revenue in 2014 and Beyond!

By : Derek Veillon - January 8 , 2014

The art of branding has itself been rebranded. Gone are the days where multiple brands such as Tide and Pampers collectively identify a corporation like Procter and Gamble. For a brand to successfully compete in the global marketplace, product branding must fall under the umbrella of a corporate brand. Successful organizations recognize the value corporate branding provides. Done well, good branding attracts and retains ardent fans and unlocks the potential of leaders who will drive performance excellence in the future. What Corporate Branding Is and Is Not Corporate branding is more than an eye-catching logo and clever slogan. It is centered on the customer—their experience with your brand from cradle to grave; marketing to customer service. Unlike product branding, corporate branding is borne from your business goals and objectives, which, in turn, drives product branding as well as daily activities throughout your company. At its best, it is consistent...

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Top 5 Reasons You Should be Using Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Business

By : Derek Veillon - November 5 , 2013

Facebook started out as a platform in which college students connected with the opposite sex. Twitter began with stream-of-consciousness commentary on the average person’s daily life. Not too long ago, Pinterest was a conduit for crafters to share their masterpieces. But many small business owners have discovered that social media is also a robust marketing tool. If you are still on the fence about social media marketing for your business, here are five reasons why you should be posting—each supported by facts and figures from reliable sources: 1. Your Competitors Are Doing It According to e-Strategy Trends, 92% of small businesses view social media as an effective marketing tool. Jayson Demers of AudienceBloom says that social media is fast becoming a necessity not a luxury, with businesses recognizing the need to integrate their social efforts with their content strategy. Those who do so are...

Should Every Restaurant Have a Professional Website?

By : Derek Veillon - July 24 , 2013

Although it isn’t really a requirement for starting a business, having a website would definitely pay off. In this era of social networking, one way to help your brand reach out to a wider audience is by creating a website that showcases your business specialty or practices. We are iKonix Studios, a Web Development company in Dallas that provides web development services to the Houston, Austin, and Dallas areas. We not only design and develop websites but also optimize and broadcast them by providing SEO services. While every business is different, they all can reap the many benefits of having a website. For instance, a restaurant website with updated and inviting information would entice more customers into dining there. The Benefits of Having a Website for a Restaurant The burning question here is: Should Every Restaurant Have a Website?  Why yes, of course, every restaurant should. Why? With a website, detailed information about your business will be provided...

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Why Investing in Professional Website Design Is the Best Decision You Will Ever Make

By : Derek Veillon - May 8 , 2013

The design of your website says a lot about you. In fact, to visiting online users, it says everything about your company. A quality well-built website is the front line of your sales force. Customers derive an opinion of your online business through the design and layout of your website before they ever purchase an item, pickup the phone to call or fill out an online form for someone to contact them. You will have to prove very quickly that you have something visitors are looking for, and you will have to do it in about 2 to 3 seconds. That is about how long it takes the average disinterested user to click the "Back" button, before you even have a chance to say hello. So how do you deal with converting a site visitor into a genuine lead? The answer is in uncompromising, user-centric web design. The "E-tailing" group publishes a yearly report on...

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