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Follow Your Crowd & Entice Them to Follow Your Company with Social Media Marketing

The landscape of the marketing world has changed. Gone are the days when flashy commercials held the power to sway the public in a certain business’ favor. Consumers are drifting back to the ways of old, relying on peers for advice on who truly offers the best merchandise and services. In fact, an estimated 80 percent of prospects currently place more confidence in other customers than in commercials and other ads. As word-of-mouth marketing recovers ground once lost to television, radio, and digital advertising, businesses are now able to use word-of-mouth advertising to reach a great deal further than in the past thanks to Social Media Marketing (SMM).
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How this Trend Came About

Once the Internet took hold, companies realized vast new opportunities were opening up to them. This gave established corporations and aspiring entrepreneurs alike the chance to reach beyond local newspapers and the dying art of television and radio advertisements. Growing a business online became the new norm. Business owners realized they had to use digital marketing tools, and they had to do so in a way that outshone their competitors. Well-maintained social media marketing campaigns are an opportunity to do just that.

Enter the New Word-of-Mouth

Today, social media platforms have surged to stardom, allowing people to easily connect with friends, family, and yes, even customers around the globe as well as in local areas. These social media sites inadvertently became a forum for users to discuss professionals and companies they’d come to know and rely on. You’ve probably seen it on your personal Facebook page or Twitter feed. Calls for help like:

“Ugh, A/C just broke. Anybody know who I should call?”

“Water pump on the car went out today. Can anybody recommend a reputable repairman?”

“Need a good activity to do with family visiting this weekend. Suggestions?”

Marketers and their clients toasted a new-found outlet for strengthening a company’s online presence. Thus, the SMM strategy was born.

Good Social Media Marketing Lets You Engage Your Crowd

The key to efficiently and effectively making a company’s online presence known on social media is understanding just where the target audience tends to come together. Then, engaging with them. As is the case with physical hangouts, certain types of people are drawn to specific places. With the help of iKonix Studios, you can study target audiences to find out which sites would most benefit your company. While the use of social media platforms is always evolving, the current social media audiences are briefly described below:

This site seems to be a catch-all for a number of industries. With users ranging from their early teens to retirees, companies from plumbers and electricians to daycare centers, skate parks, and cosmetic surgeons can expect to gain attention by creating and promoting a company profile on Facebook.

Tweets reach out to a similar demographic as the site’s previously mentioned rival, yet this platform emphasizes topics each user may be more interested in based on previous activity.

Like Twitter, Instagram uses past activity as an indicator of future interest when gauging what products, services, and posts will be of potential interest to their users. Instagram tends to attract a younger age group, but a versatile array of products can still find a customer base on this platform.

This video platform is relatively new, and the user base skews very young. If you have a product that has compelling video content that would be attractive for younger audiences, TikTok can be a great way to stay engaged and have some fun with your business’ social media presence.

As more of a professional site, LinkedIn gives companies, executives, and the common person all opportunities to promote their skills to potential employers and business partners.

Google My Business Not so much a social media platform as an online business card, Google My Business does have opportunities for businesses to share pictures, post articles, and otherwise engage with users who are searching for their services.

Tailor Content Accordingly

When a business knows where to find their target audience, they still have to refrain from blasting them with obvious marketing ploys. The average social media audience wants interactions, and they want to feel like your acquaintances and equals rather than leads. Creating engaging content and asking prospects their opinions on your industry can help to make people feel like part of your business. Remember, if you ask for feedback and engagement from your current or potential clients, you need to respond to their answers and do so respectfully and thoughtfully.
Once social media optimization efforts take off, businesses can expand from there. Before long, followers will tell others about the company’s strengths, recommend it to members of their circles, and possibly, even post testimonials on the company’s social sites. Word-of-mouth advertising will spread like wildfire, and the Social Media Marketing campaign will take the business further than blatant advertisements possibly could on their own.

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