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With WordPress Web Development Advancing So Well, Why Would Anyone Choose to Use Anything Else for Their Website?

since it launched in 2003, WordPress has been an open source website creation tool available for anyone to use without charge. Today, it is widely regarded as the simplest and most powerful website content management system and blogging platform available anywhere. As with other open source software, WordPress’s source code is available to anyone who wishes to modify or enhance it. Thousands of programmers around the world contribute freely to WordPress, extending its capabilities and repairing parts that need improvement. In the beginning, WordPress was primarily used as a blogging tool, but it since has transformed into a robust website content management system that is second to none.

Advantages to Using the WordPress Platform

  • WordPress is free! – WordPress begins working in favor of most users right from the start since, unlike proprietary software, it is completely free of charge.
  • User-friendly – The vast majority of people who use WordPress haven’t the slightest idea how to write code or use HTML. They simply desire to have a home in cyberspace via their own website or blog. WordPress is simple enough for someone without any programming knowledge or website design experience to use, and yet potent enough to power a business website. In an effort to further dispel the myth that WordPress is just for bloggers, consider the following big brand websites of note, all of which use WordPress to sustain all or part of their online presence: Harvard Business Review, The Rolling Stones, Larry King, The New Yorker, MTV, BBC, Xerox, Best Buy, Time Magazine, Reuters, and ESPN, to mention but a smattering.
  • Flexibility – Today, WordPress Website Design is such that no two WordPress websites ever need appear the same. Nearly every aspect of WordPress can be individualized. There are thousands of specific themes for WordPress, and the software’s capabilities are subject to further modification with plugins. Themes control the website’s overall appearance and feel, and plugins provide sets of functions that extend the software’s capabilities with features not present in the core installation. There are easily 30,000 plugins for WordPress in existence, and it’s easy enough to hire a WordPress Developer to custom design precisely whatever a user might need. WordPress plugins are responsible for such things as spam control, SEO, activity monitoring, content forms, e-commerce, newsletters, and much more.
  • SEO and search engine friendly – Major search engines, such as GoogleYahoo, and Bing, favor websites that use WordPress because their consistent and clear design makes them easy for their bots to crawl. In addition, there are numerous plugins that integrate seamlessly with WordPress to increase a site’s SEO capabilities.
  • Mobile friendly – Studies show that, currently, more people access the Internet using mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets than they do with desktop computers. Therefore, it has never been more important for a website to be responsive to the needs of mobile users. A great number of today’s popular WordPress themes are made to respond to the needs of the mobile user. In short, websites must load quickly, and appear and function as well on a smartphone as they do on a desktop. An additional perk is that the WordPress dashboard works well on smartphones as well, which means that website owners need not stay chained to a desk—they can manage their websites while on the move.

WordPress is for Everyone!

It’s genuinely difficult to think of a person or business whose needs cannot be served with a WordPress website. The WordPress Content Management System, otherwise known as WordPress CMS, is not only more mature than most of its competitors, it is also continuously being upgraded, updated, and improved by developers around the world. In fact, the WordPress Development process is advancing rapidly, and with future releases it is expected that WordPress will be even more powerful, and will be capable of interaction with not only different content management platforms, but also, programming languages. Already, by utilizing the help of a Custom WordPress Development professional, any WordPress template can be altered to showcase a user’s particular brand, and suit his or her particular business needs, and provide all of the functionality of a custom-built website at a fraction of the price.

Websites are as diverse as are the people who desire them. Whether a person is a stay-at-home mom with a desire to reach out via a blog to other mothers, a new start-up business, an online retailer or a Fortune 500 company, WordPress has much to offer, and a Custom WordPress Design has the ability to provide just about anything that anyone could want. A WordPress site is capable of ultimate simplicity as well as exquisite sophistication—it is entirely up to the user. However, one thing is certain—to pay a fortune today for an extensive, customized website made from scratch makes about as much sense as reinventing the wheel, especially when it is possible to own a fully customized WordPress site for pennies on the dollar.

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