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eCommerce Web Development and Platform Options to Consider

Electronic commerce, or eCommerce as it is more commonly referred to, is the trading of products or services electronically. With the help of this technology, consumers complete stock trades online, download or sell software and documents, or conduct online shopping. When one goes to choose a platform for an eCommerce site, many elements need to be considered. One needs a site that allows for the categorization of inventory, photos of stock, offers a short loading time and more. The choice of an eCommerce Web Development firm and platform is critical, as the first impression either attracts or repels the target audience. For this reason, one needs to choose carefully. The following are some common platforms used for this purpose.



Magento eCommerce offers a variety of open source and enterprise solutions for companies. More than 100,000 stores around the globe make use of the platform, as it provides a merchant with complete flexibility and control of their online channel and its functionality. Users receive access to catalog management, search engine optimization and marketing tools. With the help of this platform, they are able to create websites that offer an unmatched shopping experience.

The Enterprise edition of Magento is ideal for businesses that are rapidly growing or are very large. Using this platform, companies drive more traffic to their websites, boost online revenue and improve their conversion rate. The platform also provides support, features and resources to help every company grow their business, including extensions and back-end workflows tailored to one’s company.

The Community edition, in contrast, is open source eCommerce software that is free to download. Support for this edition is community-based and users have the ability to modify and contribute to the program’s core code. Merchants having a technical background and developers often choose to make use of this version.


The Shopify eComemrce platform is another popular option for businesses. Companies have the option of adding eCommerce to their existing site or creating a new one strictly for this purpose and, once established, can sell on Pinterest or in person. With the help of this platform, companies find they can grow their business through the use of these multiple sales channels, with each channel having its own features. In addition, companies can monitor how each channel is performing.

Shopify offers more than 100 professional themes, allowing companies to brand and customize their store, and companies can work with a Shopify expert if they feel they need assistance in this area. The entire online site may be hosted using this platform, which features full content management, and the storefront is mobile ready, allowing customers to shop from any mobile device.

Many companies find they are limited in their sales due to a lack of payment gateways. Shopify rectifies this by offering 70 external payment gateways to meet the needs of consumers across the globe, and the online store checkout is available in more than 50 languages. Furthermore, the platform offers a variety of store management along with marketing and SEO tools for eCommerce providers.


WooCommerce is quickly becoming the world’s favorite eCommerce solution as it turns complete control over to developers and store owners, and works in conjunction with WordPress. Thanks to recent upgrades in the platform, it is sure to continue this trend. For example, the platform recently underwent an audit by the Sucuri Security Team, which judged it to be the most secure eCommerce option for users of WordPress.

WooCommerce also created a new orders screen for the latest version, and this screen comes complete with helpful icons. Users find it simplifies the order scanning and processing procedure. The company also opted to improve tax options. Customers can now sort products based on their ratings or popularity, and the site will now use inline star ratings. These are only a few of the many upgrades made to this platform, and many consider it to be a new product altogether. It is definitely an option any WordPress user should check out.


Custom eCommerce Websites

If one finds they need help with eCommerce Web Development, as existing platforms don’t meet their needs, a Custom eCommerce Website option is offered. Businesses in this situation will need to find a provider offering this option, yet it is available. The custom site is designed to handle all aspects of eCommerce, whether it be a newsletter opt-in option, automatic order confirmation or another function. A website serves as a first introduction to a company in many instances. Therefore, one must ensure their eCommerce site offers everything to make the purchase process easy, and this is one way to do so.

eCommerce sites help to reduce production costs through the reduction of paper-based operations. Data may be retrieved at a faster rate when this type of website is selected, and more customers may be served in any given time frame. Management systems improve operations both within the organization and across organizations. As companies now makes use of a central database for all departments, data transactions and exchanges are easier to complete between organizations. With many platforms to select from, every business should be able to find an eCommerce platform that meets their needs.

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