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What Happens After a Click? – Converting Potential Clients to Cash Clients

So, you did your marketing work by getting users to click to your site through organic search results or paid ads. What now? Many marketing firms spend a lot of time talking about getting clicks, but no matter how many new clicks you get, what you need to be successful is conversion. You need new sales, more appointment requests, responses to your information request, and other successful conversions. Unless these new potential clients turn into actual clients after they visit your site, you might as well not even get the extra clicks (especially if you’re buying those clicks through a pay-per-click marketing campaign). If you want to keep a potential client interested long enough to get them to become an actual customer, they need to see a well designed site that functions flawlessly and gives them the information they need to feel confident investing their time, trust, and dollars in your business.

First – Are You Tracking Conversions?

First and foremost, if you’re tracking clicks from your Google Ads or other paid and organic search results, you should also be tracking conversions. This may be something as simple as using a request form thank you page to track how many people complete the request. Call tracking software is a great option to determine how many people call you by clicking on a phone number linked to your ad or search result, and you can typically include recording as part of this feature, which is great if you want to spot-check your customer service. However you decide to track your sales, appointments, and other conversions, be consistent. If you’re getting a lot of clicks but not a lot of conversions, it may be time to make some changes to your marketing and SEO strategies.

Sell BUT Don’t be a Salesman

When someone comes to your website, you want them to see professional looking web pages with informed content. In the old days of online marketing strategies, many businesses took an approach to salesmanship about as subtle as those incredible inflating waving arm attention grabbers outside of car dealerships. While flashy sites with bright colors, blinking text, and a lot of moving pieces seem like they would catch and keep a customer’s attention, these tactics are more distracting than engaging. Instead, good web design makes it easy for your customers to use and navigate the website, gives them the information they need to make an informed choice, and provides clear and straightforward opportunities for conversion.

Content May be King – But Design is Queen

You may have heard the SEO and marketing adage “content is king.” While good content is very important to engender the trust necessary to make a sale or get a new client, people won’t stick around to read even the best content on a site that doesn’t look professional and function properly. The words on the page are only important if they’re engaging and laid out in a readable format that can be easily scanned by users on any device.

Function is Essential

In addition to good content, a professional design and a readable and dynamic layout, your site also needs to work well. That means maintaining functional links between pages and fast load speeds as well as avoiding any glitches or errors. No one wants to buy something from a website with bugs and errors, so proper function is essential in reassure potential clients that they can trust you with their personal information. This can be especially true for ecommerce sites.

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