Web Design Stats State: Get Responsive Web Design or Be Forgotten

What’s the Buzz?

So it is no surprise that web marketers are abuzz about mobile use studies. A recent white paper makes a strong case for responsive web design. The paper states that:

  • 98% of consumers move between a variety of devices throughout the day
  • 82% of smartphone users browse the web on their phones
  • 45% of tablet users purchase products over the web

Further data shows that the number of people using their tablets to make purchases has doubled. Mobile devices are overtaking laptop and desktop use, slowly but surely. It would be wise to consider how your business will adapt to your customers’ evolving online behavior.


But What Is Responsive Design?

So what exactly is responsive design? It is a website design that renders well on all devices—traditional as well as mobile—no pinching, zooming or scrolling required.

Is it costly? Yes and no. If you want to reach the most customers possible, then it makes sense to weigh the cost of one responsive site against the cost of labor involved in designing sites many to meet all customers on all devices. Responsive design requires a team of skilled individuals and strong project management—a combination that is not that easy to find. Talent does not come cheaply.

What is going to be more expensive in terms of lost sales in the long run is to ignore mobile users altogether and remain available to desktop users alone. A Yankee Group study forecasts that  mobile transactions will top $1 trillion by 2015. Don’t you want to have a piece of that pie?

But What About Those Apps?

That is a hard call. Research says that people spend 82% of their mobile time using apps. However, if you factor in that most of those apps are utility, games and social media, it is difficult to suss out the retail. Zmags did some research into the subject last year and found that most mobile shoppers prefer browsing on a browser than an app.

What Are You Waiting For?

While technology continues to provide tantalizing opportunities for businesses to increase sales,  its rapid evolution sometimes raises more questions than answers. Suffice it to say, people are surfing the Internet while on the go. The solution is here. Savvy marketers reach customers where they are.

Isn’t it worth considering what responsive web design can do for your business?