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The Value of Integrated Marketing

Many business owners make the decision to invest their marketing funds in one or two areas, but the biggest mistake you can make in marketing is to not create multiple touchstones for potential customers to access your business website, call your office, or schedule a visit. No two consumers are exactly alike, and the way that you reach out to them shouldn’t be either. Additionally, even if the same consumer sees your marketing campaign once, they may not be ready to make a move the first time they see it, but the second or third place your campaign shows up, may just do the trick. A fully integrated marketing campaign may bring together an email push, direct mail campaigns, advertising on industry websites and in magazines or other print materials, as well as paid ads and social media marketing.

What is Integrated Marketing?

Before we dive into the process of creating an integrated marketing campaign, let’s take a look at what it really is. The basic definition is right there in the name, but an integrated marketing campaign should be used to build bridges between your business and your potential clients as well as bridging the gaps between traditional print advertising methods and digital media. Integrated marketing introduces, reintroduces, and re-reintroduces your brand to consumers on a number of channels with the goal of staying on their minds and leading to increased chances for conversion. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you plan for and commit to an effective, integrated campaign, you will see results.

How do I Get Started?

Getting started with an integrated marketing plan is actually pretty simple. In fact, simplicity is key. Some of the best integrated marketing campaigns are built on one simple idea. Something to tell the story of your business, capture the attention of your customers, and provide the necessary information to sell your product or service. Think about your favorite ad campaigns from recent years. You might remember them as just a radio ad or magazine spread, but if you really think about all the places you’ve seen the brand, it’s likely they were using a complex, integrated campaign. Now, your small business does not need to create an integrated marketing campaign to rival Apple or Old Spice, but you can use the same principles to maximize your marketing spend.

Don’t Silo Your Business with One Type of Marketing

First and foremost, integrated marketing is all about opening your business up to many different customers. Many businesses put themselves into a silo where they always reach the same customer base, and while having loyal customers and communicating with them regularly is important, if you never reach out to any new clients, you won’t grow your business. Diversifying your marketing streams to include a range of avenues and touchpoints means you’ll have access to a wider array of clients. Consider the following integrated ad concept:

1st – you send out an email to customers who get your newsletter advertising a new special.

2nd – you send out a direct mail postcard to households and/or businesses in your area, possible referral sources, and other potential new client bases.

3rd – you invest in a pay-per-click ad that will run on Google and Facebook and promote the ad via your Google My Business and Facebook business pages.

4th – you write a blog about your special and share it on social media and with your email list.

5th – you create on-hand materials that you and your team members can give out as you come in contact with potential new clients.

6th – you create a video presentation talking about your good or service and your current special in a fun and engaging way – don’t forget to involve your team, current clients, and the family. Share the video via YouTube and on social media.

7th – you put out a special offer through a podcast relevant to your industry or client base.

Recognize Opportunities & Be Prepared to Respond

Another way to ensure you’re always integrating your marketing campaign and maximizing your reach is to be prepared to respond to new opportunities. Did you just present at a meeting of a professional organization in your industry? Did you make sure everyone who attended received something to take home with them? You don’t necessarily need to spend large sums on branded merch or swag bags, but make sure you at least have a print ad or brochure with contact information. Are you at a parent teacher conference and you just realized your daughter’s instructor would be a great new client? Don’t hesitate to describe and recommend your products and services. You don’t need to be pushy to let people you meet know about your business.

Build the Brand

Creating brand recognition is one of the best things you can do for any marketing campaign. From the simplest single medium targeted campaign to the most complex integrated sales strategies, you need to have a recognizable brand that people will know wherever they see it. You should have a unique logo, even if it’s just a stylized version of your company’s name. It may sound overly simple, but one serious misstep taken by small businesses is failing to use consistent naming. Something as simple as using “and” or “&” interchangeably can confuse potential customers. Wherever your name is used, it should be used with consistent spelling, capitalization, and wording, so your customers know they’ve come to the right place. Finally, you should use consistent color schemes that will be recognizable across all of your marketing materials.

Need Help with an Integrated Online Marketing Campaign?

If you do want to get started on a marketing plan that integrates great website content, direct mail flyers, presentations for local professional organizations, and a pay-per-click campaign, you’ve come to the right place. At iKonix Studios, our team of professionals can help you design and develop a great website, maintain active and engaging social media networking with customers, and bring all of your marketing strategies together for a seamlessly integrated campaign. When you’re ready to get started, call our team to schedule a consultation.