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Magento Go Closing Doors in February 2015 – Migrate to Magento Community Edition Today

If your ecommerce portal is built on Magento Go, it is time to take some action because the platform will be shut down from February 1st 2015. Magento released a note recently announcing the shut down. The good thing is that the solution for this predicament is simple and highly effective. All you need to do is migrate to the Magento Community Edition. It is possible to seamlessly migrate to the new platform and keep your website running smoothly. What’s more, the Community Edition has a few better features than Magento Go. So, you are going to be happy with the migration.

What is the difference between Magento Go and Community Edition?

Magento is basically an open-source software, and this applies to both these editions. However, there are several differences between the two.

One of the strongest points in favor of the Community Edition is its scalability and flexibility. You can integrate multiple functionalities into it per your requirements. It has a huge array of custom extensions as well.

You can move the hosting around if you need more than what you get from your existing host. This implies that with the Community Edition, you need to look for a host. This is not exactly a limitation since you can host your website on the best host available in the industry. On the other hand, on Magento Go, you get a hosted platform.

Another very strong point in favor of the Community Edition is that it gives you complete control over the code, customer details and database. This implies that you have full freedom to customize all aspects of your ecommerce website whenever you want. You also get a set of better features on the Community Edition.

Although Magento Go has been immensely popular, it has had a few loopholes. For one, it does not offer a lot of themes for ecommerce portals. Secondly, unlike the community Edition, Magento Go does not give you access to the code.

Additionally, the number of extensions available is less than that on the Community Edition. Ecommerce portals developed on Magento Go are largely restricted to the Magento platform.

Magento Community Edition Vs Enterprise Edition

The main difference between Magento Community edition and Enterprise edition is in the target customer base. While the Community Edition is a more user friendly software meant for tech-savvy merchants and medium to small businesses, the Enterprise Edition has a more complex set of functions appropriate for large businesses.

Enterprise edition comes with several enterprise level features that enable the creation of a differentiated and rich customer experience. It can handle large scale backend operations of your businesses. You can customize these details as well. With the enterprise edition you can create websites and applications compatible from desktops to handheld devices.

On the flip side, the Enterprise Edition is expensive. You need to make more investment into the infrastructure required as well. The Community Edition, on the hand, also offers a wide range of extensions and functional features but is free to download. You receive community based support on the Community Edition.

Tips to migrate from Magento Go to Magento Community Edition

Before you migrate to Magento Community Edition, you need to keep certain things in mind. The three most important aspects to consider are your product catalog, customer data and search engine ranking.

The catalog should include details such as product description, images, costs and other important information. It is important to analyze all these details to check whether they will be compatible with the Community Edition. The presentation of these aspects on the new platform needs very serious thought.

Customer data includes details about your customers. Customer behavior is an important consideration because making changes in the site might bring inconsistencies in customer experience, which in turn could have a negative impact on your sales.

When it comes to ecommerce and online marketing, search engine rankings are vital to sales and revenues of a business. These ranks are decided by search engines based on various parameters on your website. In fact, the location of certain elements of a page also contributes to the ranking decision.

So, when you migrate, you need to take care about all the aspects that influence search engine ranking. Ensure that the 301 redirects are in place when the site is under the process of migration. All these precautionary measures ensure that your ranking does not plummet when you shift to the new platform.

Why Migrate to Magento Community Edition?

Migrating to Magento Community Edition is a good option for Magento Go customers because it helps you retain similar interface and hence, ensures consistency in customer experience. At the same time, you get more features to enrich your website.

Another advantage of the Magento Community is that the administration on this platform is similar to that on the Go platform. So, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and resources into training your staff to adapt to the new system.

Another advantage of the Magento Community is that the administration on this platform is similar to that on the Go platform. So, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and resources into training your staff to adapt to the new system.

With the Go Edition shutting down, the decision to migrate is no longer just an option; it has become mandatory. So, as long as you have to migrate, make sure that you do it as smoothly and perfectly as possible so that your sales and brand image remain intact. With the new features in the Community Edition, you can grow your business as well.