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Live Video for Business 101

Social media live video broadcasting was launched by Twitter with the Periscope app in 2015. Since this launch, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and numerous other social media platforms have launched their own live video streaming apps. With billions of users a month across platforms, live video may be the next big thing for your business’ integrated marketing strategy. If you’re not even sure where or what to live stream, the team at iKonix Studios has you covered. We offer video production services, integrated marketing strategies, and more to help you make the most of innovative marketing tools like live video.

Where to Live Stream

The first question you may be asking is where do I live stream? If you’re looking to use live videos as a way to reach new and existing clients, it makes sense to stream via social media, and we’ll take a deeper dive into each of the biggest contenders below. However, live streaming can also be a great internal tool to communicate with employees. If you want to live stream for internal training, business announcements, and other employee-facing uses, it’s advisable to avoid social media. These platforms are built to be public facing, so even if you utilize privacy settings, this information may get out to unintended viewers. Instead of live streaming via social media, you should look into video conferencing tools that are built for business.

When it comes to live streaming for public consumption, each of the big options has its benefits:

  • Facebook – constantly updating the capabilities of live video, Facebook has nearly two billion active users a month. Additionally, Facebook’s Insights page can help you maximize the efficacy of your live video by telling you which days and what times will give you access to the biggest audience.
  • Instagram – the last of the four to launch its live video tool, Instagram’s more than 600 million monthly users is impressive, and because the videos disappear after a short time, Instagram live video may be a great option to announce limited time special offers.
  • YouTube – with the second largest user group of more than a million active users a month, YouTube is also introducing 4k video capabilities to live stream. If you have high quality video capability, your live stream will look great on YouTube.
  • Twitter (Periscope) – while Twitter’s Periscope was the first social media platform to offer a live stream option, its user base has dwindled. However, it still has more than 300 million monthly users. Twitter recently integrated live streaming into the main app, so users no longer need to download Periscope to access live streaming content, which may mean a significant bump in usage.

Benefits of Live Streaming

Still not sold on live streaming for your business? Consider some of the benefits of live streaming as part of your integrated marketing strategy:

  • Show business transparency – in the age of data breaches and business scandals, live streaming sends the message that your business is an open book.
  • Budget-friendly marketing – you can spend thousands a month on marketing online and through conventional media like TV and radio ads, but live streaming may offer a budget-friendly alternative to get your message out to clients without the hefty price tag of traditional marketing strategies.
  • Creates engagement opportunities – today, marketing is all about engagement. Giving clients opportunities to engage with you directly can dramatically improve sales and brand loyalty.
  • Fun, engaging & customer focused content – as a business, much of the marketing content you create is probably pretty dry. Live streaming gives you an opportunity to have a little more fun with your marketing plan.

Best Content to Live Stream

The last benefit of live streaming is its ability to give your clients fun, engaging, and customer-focused content, so your live stream needs to be all of those things. What kind of fun, engaging, and customer-focused content should you be live streaming?

  • Announcements & News – did you name a new CEO, are you offering a new product, have a limited time special? Live stream it. Make it fun, get creative, and share the news with your clients.
  • Events with community or customers – are you out in the community participating in a fun run, presenting at a jobs fair, or having a holiday party for your employees? It’s time to go live. Show your clients and potential employees all the fun things you do.
  • Tours of facilities or new tech – did you just upgrade to a new office or bring in state-of-the-art technologies? Show it off with a video demo and take your followers behind the scenes.
  • Get to know new team members – when you bring on new employees, give them an opportunity to show off their knowledge and interact with clients through a live stream introduction.

iKnoix Studios Offers Video Production & Integrated Marketing Strategies

If you’re ready to incorporate live streaming into your business’ online marketing strategy, let the knowledgeable team at iKonix Studios help. We have professionals who can help you with every aspect of the process from coming up with ideas for your live steam to tips to look your best while you record, we’ve got you covered. Simply give us a call to get started.