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Follow Your Crowd and Entice Them to Follow Your Company for Social Media Marketing

The landscape of the marketing world has changed. Gone are the days when flashy commercials held the power to sway the public in a certain business’s favor. Consumers are drifting back to the ways of old, relying on peers for advice on who truly offers the best merchandise and services. In fact, an estimated 80 percent of prospects currently place more confidence in other customers than in commercials and pop-up ads. As this long-standing element recovers ground once lost to television and radio, businesses are now able to make word-of-mouth advertising reach a great deal further than in the past through Social Media Marketing.

Follow Your Crowd

The key to efficiently and effectively making a company’s presence known on social media is understanding just where the target audience tends to come together. As is the case with physical hangouts, certain types of people are drawn to specific places where like-minded spirits are sure to be found.

This site seems to be a catch-all for a number of industries. With users ranging from their early teens to retirees flocking to this forum, companies from plumbers and electricians to daycare centers, skate parks, and cosmetic surgeons can expect to gain attention by creating and promoting a company profile.

Tweets reach out to a similar demographic as the site’s previously mentioned rival, yet this platform emphasizes topics each user may be more interested in based on previous activity.

As more of a professional site, LinkedIn gives companies, executives, and the common person all opportunities to promote their skills to potential employers and business partners.

Users of this forum have the power to build profiles around what interests them on any given day. Whether they want to have a new home built or seeking the hottest nightclubs to visit while on vacation abroad, they can draw from the experience of friends, email contacts and even strangers who’ve asked the same question in the past.

With the help of social media consulting agencies, you can study target audiences to find out which sites would most benefit your company. Once the sites your target audience members frequent are determined, the decision of where to promote the company becomes a great deal clearer. This is only the beginning, though.

Tailor Content Accordingly

When a business knows where to find their target audience, they still have to refrain from blasting them with obvious marketing ploys. The audience wants interactions, and they want to feel like acquaintances and equals rather than leads. Create posts, tweets, and other content asking prospects their opinions on your industry. How can the company improve its products or services? What do followers feel is missing when they seek out companies like yours? Respond to their answers respectfully instead of defensively or in a condescending manner. Combine these with helpful how-to explanations, humorous videos providing information about the business and other scenarios relevant to your field as well as a specific company.

Once social media optimization efforts take off, businesses can expand from there. Before long, followers will tell others about the company’s strengths, recommend it to members of their circles and, possibly, even post testimonials on the company’s social sites. Word-of-mouth advertising will spread like wildfire, and the Social Media Marketing campaign will take the business further than blatant advertisements possibly could on their own.

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