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Magento eCommerce

Create an awesome experience for your eCommerce customers!  Launch and manage your eCommerce site with one of the most recognized names in eCommerce, Magento.  There are over 200,000 stores worldwide currently using the Magento platform.  That many companies can’t be wrong. Magento eCommerce offers a variety of open source and enterprise solutions for companies.  It provides a merchant with complete flexibility and control of their online data and its functionality. Users receive access to catalog management, search engine optimization as well as marketing tools. With the help of this platform, they are able to create websites that offer an unmatched shopping experience.  Get your Magento eCommerce site started today with iKonix Studios.

Why Magento eCommerce

When looking for an eCommerce solution for you business, you want the best.  Magento eCommerce is that solution.  From it’s extensive feature list, to ease of use, Magento eCommerce is the world’s leading eCommerce platform.  Here are just a few of Magneto’s many benefits:

  • Visual Based Content Management
  • Mobile Friendly / Mobile Commerce
  • SEO
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Site Management
  • Catalog Management and Browsing
  • Product Browsing
  • Order Management
  • Payment and Shipping


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