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The internet is the number-one medium for promoting and selling your products and services to customers.  A well-designed website is, therefore, one of the most important tools your dental office needs to attract new patients. A well-designed website must have visual appeal, should be user-friendly, should have rich content, and above all, should be visible on search engines in order to attract and retain visitors.  Our web development company in Dallas ensures that the custom designed dental office website we provide will strengthen your business. From attracting new patients to your dental office to creating secure payment and document portals, the iKonix Studios team can help. 

The Value of a Great Web Design for Findability

It is not enough anymore to just have a website for your dental office. Patients are increasingly turning to the Web for information. Your website should be a good source for the information they are looking for. Today, search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of establishing an online presence that promotes and supports your brand, and much of what determines your site’s findability via search is the information you provide.
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How Your Site Gets Found Online

The complete details about the algorithms used by Google, Bing, and other major search engines are guarded, but years of research and analysis tells us that the old saying related to SEO, “Content is king,” is at least partially right. More accurately, the phrase should be, “Keywords are king.” When search engines review your site, they aren’t reading and comprehending every word because “they” are computers. Instead, they’re looking at things like how many times a word or phrase is used and where it is used (headings, paragraph, and backend text like image tags). However, this is only the beginning. Once the search algorithm determines your website offers authoritative information on a certain keyword, the algorithm then starts to track even more factors that determine where your website will show up in search rankings including answering the following questions: 

  • How many clicks does the page get and/or how often is it visited?
  • From the click, how much time do users spend on site?
  • Is the search-related page the only content on the site with information pertaining to this keyword or are there supporting pages, blogs, and other content linked to the main page?
  • Is the sited linked to by other authoritative businesses and/or does the site link to other authoritative pages?

Bounce Rates

One of the many factors that influences your ranking in search results is time on the website, which is often reflected in statistics on “bounce rates.” Simply put, this is how soon a user leaves after landing on your website. Google and other search engines use the bounce rate to tell them whether or not your website’s content answers the user’s search question and should be considered authoritative. The thought is that when a user clicks a link to your site, they will leave if the information on the page isn’t relevant. If it is relevant, they stay longer. 

In addition to the question of relevant content, another major reason users report leaving sites quickly is that the page is confusing, click bait/spam-y, or difficult to navigate. Simply – the design also contributes to how long users spend on your website. While content may be king, the best content in the world needs to be easily found.  Once your target audience finds you, they need to be directed to a website that looks professional and is easy to navigate.
Bounce Rates
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Creating a Brand

A good website should visually represent your dental office. Every piece of printed material, webpage, advertisement, and other viewable media from your dental office should have a consistent look and feel. This goes back to the original definition of branding – you are literally putting your mark on these resources that offer information about your business. A well-designed website should look like your dental office. With one glance, a current patient should know that the website belongs to you because they’ve already been exposed to office signage, business cards, educational materials, and other materials with your logos, color schemes, and other design elements showcased. At iKonix Studios, we take the time to help dental offices understand the need for clear branding and create completely integrated visual branding across-platforms.

As is the case with search findability, your website content plays a big part in portraying your personality as an authentic and caring dental practitioner. That’s why we make sure that the dentistry service content is on-the mark, dental patient testimonials are featured, and your appointment calendar is properly organized. Our SEO services team in Dallas makes sure that you are properly visible on all the search engines and that connecting with you is a pain-free experience for your patients.

The Difference Between Drag & Drop & By Design Websites

Today, you can find numerous “drag and drop” or “DIY” website design services. While these sites are good enough if you don’t mind a generic appearance, they are not the best web design option to create custom branding for your dental office. Because these providers help you to build websites based off of templates, your site will look and feel like many other sites. Custom designs will help to set you apart from your competitors, but most importantly, a custom web design ensures brand consistency between all of your online and print materials.

In addition to creating a custom and cohesive appearance, professionally designed websites are also less likely to have glitches and bugs. When you use a generic template, you may find yourself stretching the code to fit your needs, which puts pressure on the back-end coding that supports the website. Over time, this is almost certain to lead to broken links, pages, and images as well as other website malfunctions. When your site is custom designed to meet your needs, the risk for glitches and breaks is dramatically reduced.

Many drag and drop website design services use programs like Java to “fix” or prevent glitches and bugs. In most cases, not only do these programs fail to catch many functional issues on your site, they also dramatically slow down the site’s load speed. Since most users will leave a site that takes more than 10 seconds to load, this can add up to significant revenue loss.

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