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Is My Website “Responsive” & Does it Really Need to Be?

Have you ever been searching for a new product online only to click on a link that sends you to a website that doesn’t fit your screen? The words and images overflow the borders of your screen, you can’t read anything, and don’t even bother trying to click on those tiny navigation buttons. Sites like this have “fixed” designs. That means they look the same on every screen and do not take into consideration your devices size, personal settings, and other factors that influence your ability to navigate the website. Today, responsive web design is more important than ever before as people increasingly rely on mobile devices to view websites and computing tools of all kinds are constantly changing. Responsive web design ensures your business website meets the needs of every user.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Simply put, responsive web design means your site will look good on every screen. More precisely, responsive web design is a website design philosophy that is used to ensure your site is functional for every user by responding to their behaviors and online environments based on the size of their screen, type of computing device, orientation, and individual viewer settings. The goal of responsive design is simple – create a website that users want to stay on because it works well, looks great, and is easy to navigate on any device.

Should Your Business Invest in a Custom, Responsive Site?

According to recent reports from leaders in search engine optimization (SEO), 60% or more of searches are conducted using mobile devices. That means if your business website isn’t easily viewed and navigated from cellphones, tablets, and other devices, you may be missing out on new clients. Even if you don’t consider the need for improved usability on mobile devices, responsive design is still important for your business site. A responsive design ensures users can easily access the information on your site no matter what size computer monitor or laptop screen they have, and it allows for ease of usability for those who change their settings to adjust the size of the words or navigation buttons on their individual screens. In short, no matter who’s looking at your site, they have their own unique set of needs and viewing habits that can all be addressed easily when a site has a responsive design.

What are the Benefits of Responsive Web Design?

There are numerous benefits of responsive web design for your business, including:

  • User experience – when users visit a site from any device, they’ll have a great experience without glitches, tiny writing, and blurred images. This will improve their experience and increase chances they will spend more time on your site.
  • Search optimization – Google and many other search engines give preference and higher ranking to sites that are considered responsive, so updating your site to be mobile-friendly could move you up the search rankings.
  • Flexible & easy to maintain – in the recent past, many businesses invested in separate computer and mobile websites. Responsive design streamlines this process, saving you time and money and making updating your website much easier. 

Can iKonix Studios Help?

At iKonix Studios, we only create websites that are responsive and easy to use, so your business looks great online – no matter who’s looking. Our custom web designs look great, and when you work with our web development team, you know your website will function flawlessly too. The iKonix Studios team helps businesses of all sizes create and maintain professional websites that are findable on search and flexible for every device. Contact Us to get started with your professional web design plan today!