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Recently, the iKonix Studios team had the opportunity to partner with a business owner in the medical field who wanted to create an entirely virtual medical practice. It was a brand-new website concept for our team and the medical professional. Although this is an entirely new endeavor for both parties, the end result is an exceptional website for our client. We’re excited to share information about this new online business and our plans to build their online presence in the year to come.

Meet the Client

Our client is a medical professional who wanted to offer people greater access to a range of medical services at an affordable price. Ideal patients for this client include those who:

  • Live in remote areas without medical centers
  • Don’t have medical insurance coverage
  • Have highly contagious illnesses (flu, colds, pink eye) and don’t want to expose others
  • Don’t have time to visit a doctor
  • Need a convenient way to get prescription refills

What We Did for Their Site

We started the process with this client from the very beginning. We even helped the client choose the name FastDocNow for the business. Our design team created a logo and branding that was used consistently across the website and will be integrated into digital marketing and other promotional materials for this client. Then, our development team worked with the client to create a unique website that functions as a virtual medical office. The site required a high level of custom web development with numerous patient forms with questionnaires tailored to each individual condition. In addition to being a fully functioning online medical practice, it’s also entirely HIPPA compliant with the help of LuxSci’s Secureforms service. Not to mention being an authorize.net verified merchant. Our copy writer partnered with the client to create descriptions of the conditions they treat and services they provide as well as developing the questionnaire forms for each of the conditions and services.

Looking Forward

We are continuing to develop numerous features on their website As FastDocNow looks forward to the future. Some additional items we’re working on are creating options for monthly patient subscriptions and setting up coupon codes and special offers. We’re also developing an SEO strategy and marketing campaign in conjunction with their launch.

Want to Find Out What iKonix Studios can do for Your Business?

The team of knowledgeable professionals at iKonix Studios can partner with you to design and develop a new website, refresh your existing site, and build your online profile to get you found in search. If you’re interested in learning more, one of our sales team members would love to hear from you. Give us a call to get started today.