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Why Online Templates Aren’t the Best Choice for Your Website

Who wouldn’t like to cut costs when building a new website?  Using one of the countless free or cheap templates currently available sure can be tempting, but is that really the best solution? In most cases, the answer is no. There are numerous reasons to invest in a truly unique design for your website. Every

Web Design Stats State: Get Responsive Web Design or Be Forgotten

What’s the Buzz? So it is no surprise that web marketers are abuzz about mobile use studies. A recent white paper makes a strong case for responsive web design. The paper states that: 98% of consumers move between a variety of devices throughout the day 82% of smartphone users browse the web on their phones 45%

How Corporate Branding Can Increase Your Revenue in 2014 and Beyond!

The art of branding has itself been rebranded. Gone are the days where multiple brands such as Tide and Pampers collectively identify a corporation like Procter and Gamble. For a brand to successfully compete in the global marketplace, product branding must fall under the umbrella of a corporate brand. Successful organizations recognize the value corporate branding provides.